Home: Boston

Reading this blog and the pages that follow may suggest that all we do at Graffito is travel.  Well, that’s not the case. In fact, since 2015 when I moved back to Boston from NYC, we’ve increasingly focused our work on projects in Greater Boston. And as all of us continue to travel (for both work and […]

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Shay Takes Cape Town

For some time now, I have longed to visit a city that offers an organic blend of nature, urbanism, and diversity. I finally pulled the trigger this past year by booking a ticket to Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Town is geographically and culturally diverse with its 11 national languages, which represent its populations of […]

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Month 26: Active Design

A year+ after my return from Remote Year seems like a good time to write my 12th and final blog post about Kyoto, right? Just kidding. But to give you a taste, Kyoto is beautiful, drenched in tradition and culture, has the most stunning and seamless changes in scale of any city I’ve ever been […]

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This is our website?

Sometime in early January our website was hacked.  Then hacked again.  Then taken down by our host.  Not fun.  But fortunately since November we’ve been working on a new site, which is looking super slick.  The problem with the hack was (became), that the malicious activity on our website then brought down our email and […]

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Month 11: Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the city that, on paper, I probably shouldn’t like, but I’ve totally fallen for. I was chatting with a friend today over a bowl of khao soi, telling her that I wasn’t entirely sure what to write about this month: I like Chiang Mai, but that alone makes for a pretty dull […]

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Imagine the hospital where someone you know had her baby. You know, the one in that small-to-middle-sized city, where you had to rent a car to get there from the airport because getting there without one would be completely impossible. You drive into the parking garage, from there walk right into the building, and there’s […]

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#gspfoodcrawl version6.0

Last month we went to Lisbon. All five of us. It was a really special trip. I still find myself talking about it with clients, collaborators, and friends. The purpose of the trip was our annual GSP food crawl, something we’ve been doing every year since 2011 as a way to break our routine, explore […]

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