Part retail brokerage, part creative agency and part urban design firm, Graffito SP (GSP) is a professional collective of the core competencies needed to create valuable and unique urban places. GSP believes that great urban neighborhoods can be created through smart planning, community dialogue, and by supporting street-level activity that embraces creativity, context, and connections. GSP’s inspired place-making and retail leasing strategies result in more dynamic development projects, more valuable properties, and more vibrant neighborhoods.

Through its work over the last decade in the Cambridge, MA neighborhood of Kendall Square, widely recognized as the global prototype for a successful “innovation district,” GSP has pioneered a retail development strategy that focuses on partnerships and leases with small, local, independent operators. This strategy has transformed the ground floors of Kendall Square and has been employed by GSP on urban projects throughout Greater Boston and the Northeast United States.

GSP’s work necessitates pre-construction (and often pre- permitting) strategy work that continues through leasing and asset activation. For this reason GSP is unique from other urban planners in that it also provides brokerage services. Similarly, GSP is distinct from other retail brokers because its point of entry into projects most often occurs far before the inception of an actual leasing assignment. It is this multidisciplinary approach that has drawn many of the Boston Area’s most dynamic companies, institutions, and landowners to GSP for assistance in creating a sense of “place” in towns and cities including Boston, Cambridge, New Bedford, Quincy, Somerville and Watertown, MA.

GSP’s services are provided by a team of seasoned and energetic professionals with expertise in community economic development, placemaking, legal, leasing, asset management, permitting, urban planning, and project management.

GSP’s Past and Current Clients Include:

Alexandria Real Estate Equities • athenahealth • Beacon Capital • Boston Symphony Orchestra • Cambridge Innovation Center • Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management • DivcoWest • Forest City Enterprises • Harvard University • Hudson Group NA • Jamestown • Massachusetts Institute of Technology • MassDevelopment • New Balance Development Group • Northpond Partners • Principal Global Investors • Redgate • Tishman Speyer • Twining Properties • Union Square Station Associates • Wexford Science & Technology

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