This is our website?

Sometime in early January our website was hacked.  Then hacked again.  Then taken down by our host.  Not fun.  But fortunately since November we’ve been working on a new site, which is looking super slick.  The problem with the hack was (became), that the malicious activity on our website then brought down our email and thereafter prompted a blacklisting by Google Safe Browsing, Norton Safe Web, ESET, McAfee, etc…  And trust me, you do not want to blacklisted by these services.

Translation: Inbound emails and attachments that had our domain name in them (including anywhere in the thread) were screened (and blocked), outbound emails of any sort were a no go, email communications were entirely halted.  It was painful.

We are fixed now though.  And I’ve learned a lot about DNS settings, MX files, Google Console (awesome by the way), and domain hosting.  Interesting, yes, but nothing I ever really wanted to know that much about.

So as we turn the corner and prep our new website for launch, please enjoy this lovely blog, which gives a glimpse into what we were up to prior to 2018 🙂 [new content coming very soon – promise]

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