Hey folks.  New website is now live over at  Still needs some work but we are getting there… comments welcome and would love to hear what all of you think.  email me. In other news, that coffee bar that I’ve been hinting at for the front of our new Boston office…  Done deal.  Now we […]

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Listen Plan Recruit Execute

Last week I presented at a community workshop re: the future of Union Square (Somerville, MA) and shared GSP’s perspective on certain retail & placemaking initiatives and related thoughts that will be at the heart of our work in the neighborhood over the next few years.  As many of you know we were recently hired […]

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Friends & Family

GSP’s core focus for the past few years has been and will continue to be providing services to landowners in mixed-use urban environments. We haven’t chosen this path by happenstance and it has come with some experimenting in other disciplines. In 2011 we tested the waters doing some work for tenants and learned a lot […]

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Growing Up

This is a picture of our new office… well, it’s a picture of plans for our new office.  It’s a work in progress, to say the least. In truth, GSP generally is a work in progress. And as of today, we have a lot in progress – new projects, new hires, new office, etc.  Here’s what’s […]

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Some Boston Favorites

Despite not living in BOS full-time anymore I get lots of requests from out-of-town folks visiting the area asking where they should eat/drink.  Over past month I’ve been forwarding the below email, which I originally wrote to David Waxman of MMPartners, who was in town from Philly earlier this summer. I thought it would be fun to share this email here, […]

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Still Leasing

I’ve been writing and talking a lot lately about our (i) advisory & place-making projects and (ii) new gigs outside of Cambridge, MA.  And while we indeed continue to expand our reach beyond brokerage services and outside of Cambridge, MA, we’re still as dug in as ever in good ol’ Cambridge, Massachusetts and hustling like usual on […]

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Yeah, Watertown

We’ve been spending a lot of time of late in Watertown, MA.  Yeah, Watertown. When I first met with the fine folks from athenahealth earlier this year in Watertown I was told all about their vision for transforming their global HQ at The Arsenal (a 29-acre historic site they recently bought from Harvard University) into a […]

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Coffee & Cafe folks, FYI

I just sent this email out to some of my pals in the BOS/Cambridge/Somerville coffee & cafe scene. Figured I’d post up here too. Both opportunities are great. And both opportunities, though very small, are the sort of projects that make us tick here at GSP.   Yo coffee/cafe friends. Sorry for mass email – I prob […]

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Something really big and important happened for us in February – Gustavo Quiroga joined the GSP team.  I’m psyched; really psyched. For the past seven years it’s been just Dave and me.  It’s been an amazing experience to work this closely with one colleague for this long. And pretty much every project and deal we’ve […]

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2013 Goodness

First of all, happy 2014.  I can say that since it’s still January, right? Last few months have been busy.  Really busy.  But we are working on some great projects and starting to feel out some new territory outside of Boston/Cambridge.  2014 will bring gigs in Somerville, NYC, Philly and Raleigh.  Yeah, Raleigh.  2014 is […]

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