Month 26: Active Design

A year+ after my return from Remote Year seems like a good time to write my 12th and final blog post about Kyoto, right? Just kidding. But to give you a taste, Kyoto is beautiful, drenched in tradition and culture, has the most stunning and seamless changes in scale of any city I’ve ever been […]

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Month 11: Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the city that, on paper, I probably shouldn’t like, but I’ve totally fallen for. I was chatting with a friend today over a bowl of khao soi, telling her that I wasn’t entirely sure what to write about this month: I like Chiang Mai, but that alone makes for a pretty dull […]

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Imagine the hospital where someone you know had her baby. You know, the one in that small-to-middle-sized city, where you had to rent a car to get there from the airport because getting there without one would be completely impossible. You drive into the parking garage, from there walk right into the building, and there’s […]

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This month I got to share something really important with the GSP team: traveling abroad with a very analytical set of glasses on. About halfway through my time in Valencia I met Jesse, Dave, Sean, and Gustavo in Lisbon, Portugal for our annual food crawl. We spent two very full days climbing hills, popping into […]

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My August was spent in three of the most staggeringly different places I could have imagined – Belgrade, Dubrovnik, and Copenhagen. Belgrade was our home base for the month, I spent a week in Dubrovnik with friends, and I attended the Public Life Matters masterclass at Gehl Architects in Copenhagen. The quick changes of scenery […]

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How does a city successfully work with tourists? By this I mean, is the best way to accommodate them and introduce them to a city to have a bunch of tourist destinations that make up one or two big clusters, or is it best to scatter the destinations throughout the city so that visitors get […]

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I knew I would like Buenos Aires long before I got here. It’s known for being a European city in the middle of South America, with influences from Spain, France, and Italy, and I knew the combination of Latin American living with some European architecture and culture would be just my style, and fortunately this […]

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Month 05: Córdoba

Córdoba has been the most fascinating place I’ve been this year from a planning perspective – beyond Mexico City’s beautiful parks and bright colors, beyond Bogota’s bike infrastructure, beyond Lima’s coastal park network, Córdoba had me intrigued at all times. We all knew as we approached May that it would be a quieter month for […]

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Month 04: Lima

Incredible sunsets, the beach, pisco sours, unbelievably fresh ceviche… Add Lima to the list of cities that have pleasantly surprised just about all of us. We’ve been based in the posh town called Miraflores, which is part of the district of Lima. Miraflores borders the beach and has all kinds of lovely neighborhoods with parks, […]

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Month 03: Medellin

If there’s one thing we really emphasize at Graffito it’s that our approach is a little different from most because of the inside-outside nature of what we do and how we think. We consider so much about the ground floor of a single space or an entire multi-anchor development or neighborhood, but not just the […]

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